Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather!

Content provided and maintained by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). Learn about heat-related illness and how to stay cool and safe in hot weather. Now is the time to prepare for the high temperatures that kill hundreds of people every year. Extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths [in the US] each year.… [Read More]

Incontinence and the prostate

By 2021 the global demand for adult diapers will be over $14.5 billion USD. The reality is that in many cases they could be healed and live without any urinary problems. We talked about the incontinency, prostate cancer, and screenings with FirstMed urologist Dr. Miklós Romics.  You have many doctors in your family, your father… [Read More]

Acne Breakouts

Controlling Problem Pimples Zits. Pimples. Spots. Whatever you call it, acne can cause discomfort and embarrassment. This skin condition affects most people at some point during their lives. About 4 out of every 5 people experience acne outbreaks between the ages of 11 and 30. Acne starts in the skin’s oil glands. The hair on… [Read More]

Pork Shashlik

In the summer I grill more than half the week, weather permitting. Most of what hits the grill are burgers, pork tenderloins (so cheap for such a great cut of pork), chicken breasts and thighs, and lamb steaks when the price is right. This summer we took a trip to Russia (no, not the grass… [Read More]

Warning: dehydration ahead

Warning: dehydration ahead Water is one of the few absolute essentials for our bodies. As the summer months have painfully reminded us, water plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature. In addition to carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, another indispensable task of water is to dissolve food’s minerals and nutrients so they… [Read More]

Be Aware of Myomas

Uterine fibroids, also called myomas, are smooth, benign tumors that often appear during childbearing years. Many women have them sometime during their lives but usually they don’t know because there are often no symptoms. Myomas are composed partly of muscle tissue. They seldom develop in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus. When they… [Read More]

Catching a Cold When It’s Warm

What’s the Deal with Summertime Sniffles? Most everyone looks forward to summer—time to get away, get outside and have some fun. So what could be more unfair than catching a cold when it’s warm? How can cold symptoms arise when it’s not cold and flu season? Is there any way to dodge the summertime sniffles?… [Read More]

Syrniki – Túró pancakes

Syrniki (Сырники) Russian Syrniki, pronounced SYR-nee-kee, where y in ”SYR” sounds like the start of Syria and the end like the first name of the bass player for Mötley Crüe. Made from túró, which some people call quark or farmer’s cheese, a thick patty is made and fried into a delicious snack. When done well… [Read More]

Avoid Those Bites

Diseases transmitted by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes are becoming more dangerous and far more numerous nowadays. Between 2004 and 2016, transmitted diseases tripled to nearly 650,000 cases in the United States, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds. The report published at the end of April says there are… [Read More]

Creamy Chicken Marsala

A couple of months ago we had a recipe for Chicken Piccata that was so simple you could whip up this tasty dish almost any night. Here is another one that’s just as easy to pull off, and you’ll probably find yourself adding it to your regular dinner schedule rather than just on special occasions:… [Read More]