Drink to your health

With the summer weather approaching, it might seem like a good time for another reminder about the importance of keeping hydrated, but, truth be told, this is something we should think about 365 days of the year. It’s a great trivia question: how much of our bodies are water? And the answer usually surprises: around… [Read More]

Summer peach cobbler

As strawberry and cherry seasons are now behind us in Hungary, we can start looking forward to the mid-summer harvest of apricots and peaches. Although I am blessed with a fantastic cherry tree that has already given up its bountiful harvest, I don’t have any other home-grown fruit to look forward to. Luckily my neighbor… [Read More]

Why am I always tired?

Feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym, TATT – “tired all the time”. Everyone does at some time, and the reasons can include too many late nights, long hours at work or perhaps a baby keeping you up at night. But constant tiredness or exhaustion is not normal and can affect your… [Read More]

The Best of Budapest Awards

It was doubly satisfying for all of us here at FirstMed when we attended the 26th annual Best of Budapest awards on Saturday April 6, 2019 and were awarded the prestigious Best in Class award for Health and Medical Services. Why? Because not only did we walk away with the prize, having been selected above… [Read More]

Fungal Infections – Protect Your Health

Have you wondered about your chances of getting a fungal infection? Here are 10 questions you can use to understand fungal infections, learn how you can get sick, and know what you need to do to stay healthy. Fungi are everywhere. There are millions of different species of fungi on Earth, but only about 300… [Read More]

The Inflamed Brain

Recognizing Encephalitis and Meningitis When you get sick, some germs can attack the brain or the protective lining that surrounds the brain. This can cause swelling and lead to severe illness, or even death. It’s important to recognize the symptoms so you can get medical help as quickly as possible. When the brain swells, it’s… [Read More]

Pan-fried spaghetti with mint and ramsons

Ramsons: Those tender wild onions greens which pop up every spring for a few weeks; if you blink you may miss them. In Hungarian they are commonly known as medvehagyma, or bear onion, and have a nice taste of garlic to them. Once a rarity now they can be found quite easily at most fresh… [Read More]

20 Years in Hungary: A message from FirstMed CEO, Dennis Diokno

Over the past twenty years, FirstMed has experienced an exciting journey. Our team started with five employees and has grown to over 100. We are proud that a little over 75% of our employees have been with us for five or more years…13 have been with us since our first year! Our experienced team of health… [Read More]

Killing with kindness?

Your lover has showered you with beautiful (and expensive) chocolates this Valentine’s Day. It was a lovely thought, of course (and saved the giver from an awful fate, had they forgotten). But was it really wise? How healthy is all that wonderful, tasty, creamy, dreamy chocolate? There is much evidence that cocoa can provide powerful… [Read More]

German Rabbit Stew

German Rabbit Stew Growing up in the suburbs of New York City rabbit was never on the menu. I always wanted to try it but never got around to it until moving to Hungary where, come winter-time it could be easily found in the markets. My first try provided good results but didn’t wow me… [Read More]