Smelling Sickness

Body Odor May Be Sign of Disease Did anyone ever tell you that you smell bad? Funky breath or stinky underarms can happen to anyone, at any age. Whether or not you’ve noticed them, some body odors can signal a health problem. But most breath and body odors are normal. “Bad breath is most often… [Read More]

Loud Noises Damage Hearing

Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss. And once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Hearing loss from loud noise can be prevented. About 70% of people exposed to loud noise never or seldom wear hearing protection. Learn what you need to do to protect your hearing. October is “National Protect Your Hearing Month,”… [Read More]

Wake Up Call

“I still remember when my phone rang. It was the doctor. I stopped what I was doing and listened as she said, “There’s a little bit of cancer”. There’s a very good chance you know someone who’s had cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), more than one million Americans are diagnosed with some… [Read More]

Lecsó à la française

One of my favorite, flavorful, and healthy summer dishes is what some Hungarians call ‘French Lecsós’, or better known as Ratatouille. The Disney movie which came out in 2007 was even titled ‘L’ecsó’ in Hungarian theaters rather than its original. While traditional Hungarian Lecsó is a fantastic blend of flavors, a ragout of onion, peppers,… [Read More]

Why Vaccinate?

What are the Reasons to Vaccinate My Baby? Protecting your child’s health is very important to you. Giving your baby all the recommended vaccines by age two is the best way to protect her from 14 serious childhood diseases. Choose immunization; it’s the powerful defense that’s safe, proven, and effective. Raising a child means you’d… [Read More]

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Should you get screened for prostate cancer? The answer is different for each man. Before getting screened for prostate cancer, learn about the possible benefits and harms of screening so that you can make the best choice for you. Talk to your doctor about your personal risk for prostate cancer to figure out what is right… [Read More]

Pear Cake

Craving a sweet treat? Enjoy the full flavors of autumn in a light, warm, delicious slice of pear cake. Our healthy recipe is simple and quick, and can be easily adjusted to your personal taste. Enjoy! Ingredients 10 dkg butter (100g) 1 small cup brown sugar 1 egg 2 dl sour cream (200g) 25 dkg… [Read More]

Physicals for Kids

Opinions vary regarding how often your school-age child should have a complete physical. As a minimum, most pediatricians recommend a well-child exam before your child enters kindergarten and before entering high school. An additional examination is usually required for participation in a school sport. Regular physicals are a great way to protect your child’s future… [Read More]

Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather!

Content provided and maintained by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). Learn about heat-related illness and how to stay cool and safe in hot weather. Now is the time to prepare for the high temperatures that kill hundreds of people every year. Extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths [in the US] each year.… [Read More]

Incontinence and the prostate

By 2021 the global demand for adult diapers will be over $14.5 billion USD. The reality is that in many cases they could be healed and live without any urinary problems. We talked about the incontinency, prostate cancer, and screenings with FirstMed urologist Dr. Miklós Romics.  You have many doctors in your family, your father… [Read More]