Control that crisis

“Life transitions”, “life crisis”, “opportunity for change” – these are all different terms for the same phenomenon, and depending on the one we use, the approach to the issue varies greatly. In this short article, I invite the reader to get acquainted with these various views on the subject and I propose some options for… [Read More]

Digital dangers for kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics has outlined the directions in infants’, toddlers’ and preschoolers’ increasing media use rates. Children are now growing up in environments saturated with a variety of traditional and new technologies, which are being adopted at increasing rates. There has been much hope for the educational potential of interactive media for young… [Read More]

Pediatrician or Urgent Care?

Pediatrician or Urgent Care? Even with minor illnesses or injuries, it can be very frightening to experience that your child is unwell, and it is often difficult to decide whether it is sufficient to call your pediatrician or if it is necessary to take your child into urgent care. In cases of common ailments, such… [Read More]

Spatchcocking the bird

With the ubiquity of roasted or rotisserie chickens in virtually every decent supermarket, or out of a truck in the parking lot, has the skill of knowing how to roast a chicken run its course? What could be easier than turning up at the meat counter and having the butcher de-skewer a freshly rotisseried chicken,… [Read More]

Antibiotics: When are they needed?

With cold and flu season upon us, many are quick to see the doctor and request a treatment of antibiotics. Many have come to see antibiotics as a panacea or “quick fix” for a host of medical ailments, ranging from the common cold or influenza to conditions such as earaches. While some doctors are quick… [Read More]

Fighting breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second-most common kind of cancer in women, affecting roughly one in eight of them. The good news is that most women survive when it’s found and treated early. Encouraging women aged 40 to 49 to speak with their doctors about when to start getting mammograms is very important for early detection.… [Read More]

Awesome Chicken Lasagna

Tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella: how can you go wrong? This recipe has been flying around the internet since dumped it onto the hungry world back in February. Although their one-minute videos usually make it look like it’s going to be a snap to make, this one was not terribly difficult. The one thing that… [Read More]

Stand up, now!

Over the past few years, doubtlessly you’ve been reading more and more about the dangers of sitting. Headlines proclaim that “Sitting is the new smoking”, and your office chair is trimming years off your lifespan. These sensationalist headlines may seem a bit overkill but there are many links between inactivity and health risks. So how… [Read More]

Keen on quinoa

Quinoa’s time is here By no stretch would I ever be called a healthy eater: I love the four Bs (burgers, butter, bread, and bacon). At the same time, I am the main chef for the family, with two small kids, so I try to make sure that we have a balanced meal with a… [Read More]

Dumping those diapers

While there is no set age when toilet training should begin, the right time will depend on your child’s physical and psychological development. Most parents want to start “potty training” from an early age, but children under the age of 12 months have no control over their bodily function. A little control begins about six… [Read More]