Zsuzsa Lajkó


Zsuzsanna Lajkó


Physical therapist

Clinical area of expertise:

  • Fascial release technique for the lower limbs
  • Segmental stabilizing training in the lumbar spine
  • Maitland Manual Therapy Concept
  • Functional training in therapy and sport rehabilitation
  • K-Active tape therapy
  • McKenzie Method A and B
  • 3D Scoliosis therapy (Schrott)
  • Contemporary respiratory physical therapy.

Medical school:

Semmelweis University, Budapest

Professional experience:

Intensive, Cardiology and Heart Transplant department of the SE Cardiology Center.

Professional experience in electrotherapy, pulmonology, orthopedic traumatology, locomotor neurology, ambulatory care, cardiology, and pediatrics.

Other workplaces:

Official physical therapist of the Hungarian National Rowing Team

Languages in addition to Hungarian:


Appointment hours:

If you need an appointment please send an email to: [email protected]