At FirstMed we want to help our patients to be as “healthy as they can be,” in fact, it is a part of the core values which make up our mission. Every day we try our best to execute our mission. Also, in case you’re wondering, FirstMed’s company values are honesty, integrity, modesty, kindness, empathy/cultural sensitivity, consistency, continuing education through ongoing training, and charity/giving back. We require our staff to keep these values in mind when serving patients and to work with each other. I believe that a large part of FirstMed’s success comes from developing an environment in which our staff and patients see and feel these values at work.

Speaking of success, we have operated in Budapest for 18 years and have seen our patient numbers grow every year. We owe huge thanks to our patients who entrust us with their health. Many of you have been with us for five, ten, or even fifteen years. The most significant increase in our patient volume comes from your referrals to your friends, family and business partners. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

Equally crucial to FirstMed’s success has been the dedication and commitment of our staff, many of whom have been with us since our first years in business. I’m very proud of our low staff turnover and the dedication they have shown us. Our staff works hard to provide top medical service to all of you and ensure that we continue to meet your high expectations. The nature of our business is such that people are not always feeling their best when they walk through our doors. However, we try our best to empathize (one of our values) with our patients, understanding their conditions.

We continuously strive to improve our services. Thus the feedback that many of you have given us through our patient surveys and even in testimonials has helped us to provide better service. Our commitment to your health remains as strong as ever, and we look forward to keeping you healthy in 2018 and beyond.

My best wishes for a prosperous new year!

Dennis Diokno