Women’s Health Physical Therapy*

pregnant-woman-exercise-ball4A woman’s body goes through immense physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy and birthing. Some pregnant women accept the associated discomfort as unavoidable. However, physical therapy throughout pregnancy can help alleviate some of these problems, and prepare the body for an easier delivery and recovery process.

FirstMed’s Women’s Health Physical Therapy has been specifically designed for women during pregnancy and beyond birth. Together with Neta Evian, our physical therapist, you can address any of the following issues:

During pregnancy:

  • Pelvic floor muscle training (recommended in early pregnancy)
  • Advice regarding your current exercise routine and recommended activities during pregnancy
  • Posture and ergonomics during pregnancy
  • Treatment of general pains and aches during pregnancy (pelvic pain, lower back pain, etc.)
  • Treatment/prevention of incontinence symptoms
  • Preventative care for women on bed rest

After birth:

  • Advice regarding safe return to sport activity
  • Core muscle training
  • Posture and ergonomics during breastfeeding and baby care
  • Rehabilitation after Caesarean section
  • Treatment/prevention of incontinence symptoms
  • Treatment of general pains and aches after pregnancy (lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, etc.)

Our posture and muscle tone affects our uterine ligaments and tone. Good posture throughout pregnancy can help your baby into the optimal position for birthing. Keeping fit during pregnancy will support the recovery process and your general well-being will allow you full availability to care for your newborn baby.

Book your session today and ensure your physical health throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

* This service is only available for Prenatal Plan holders, who are entitled to one visit as part of the package.

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