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Are you planning a trip abroad? Let FirstMed’s ‘Travel Clinic’ get you and your family ready with all the health information and current vaccination reports you may need.

Please visit our doctor, who will help you with the following preventative measures.

  • Travel clinicThe travel clinic assessed risk factors, both those dependent and independent of the traveler, such as health status, age, weight, preparedness, lifestyle, etc.
  • Recommendations and plan for immunizations, depending on the destination, circumstances, length of stay, occupation and time of departure.
  • Evaluation of immunizability, weighing counterindications.
  • Immunization, immunization papers, record-keeping, keeping track of immunization sequences.
  • Providing additional information and how to prevent medical issues that cannot be prevented through immunizations. These may include; dengue fever, chikungunya, travelers’ diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.
  • Providing information about non-specific risk prevention in the case of insect bites, wound treatment, hydration, risks associated with extreme sports, altitude sickness, heat- and cold exposure, animal bites, accidents, prevention of thrombosis, etc.
  • Recommendation for medicinal prevention of malaria, information about side effects, prescribing prophylactic antibiotic.

Travel Vaccinations:


  • Schedule your travel appointment eight weeks prior to travel. Appointments are most beneficial when scheduled at least four to six weeks prior to your departure date. This assures adequate time for immunizations to become effective.
  • FirstMed staff will need information regarding countries you are visiting
  • Start a list of your allergies, any current medications and a list of current chronic health conditions to discuss with the doctor prior to travel.

Travel Immunazation questionnaire

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