Spring Fatigue

Many of us experience this state of low energy and weariness with the arrival of spring that is commonly known as spring fatigue or spring fever. However, it is not categorized as a diagnosed illness and its causes have not yet been fully determined.  

Dry Eye

We may find that the advent of this windy, cold, dry season can dehydrate us in various ways. The harsh weather can lead to chapped lips, and the development of tender, rashlike patches of dry skin on our knuckles and other areas. Though we may not give it much thought, our eyes can also become… [Read More]

Dry Eye Syndrome and Punctal Plugs

Do your eyes feel too dry? Does it feel as though you had a mote of dust or an eyelash in your eye? Perhaps you have an unpleasant burning, stinging sensation that is not relieved by frequent blinking? Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common ocular problems; a full one third of people… [Read More]