Pan-fried spaghetti with mint and ramsons

Ramsons: Those tender wild onions greens which pop up every spring for a few weeks; if you blink you may miss them. In Hungarian they are commonly known as medvehagyma, or bear onion, and have a nice taste of garlic to them. Once a rarity now they can be found quite easily at most fresh… [Read More]

Chicken with Plums and Figs

Bring some color into the first month of winter. Spice up your December with our exciting recipe that combines sweet dried fruits with the savory flavor of chicken and sophisticated aroma of dry white wine. Complete your meal with the side of your choice– we recommend steamed rice with peas or scalloped potatoes! Ingredients: 4… [Read More]

Recipe: Delicious Duck

Duck legs with quince cabbage and mashed potatoes Enjoy this rich, full meal brought to you by FirstMed’s dietician, Henter Iza. Ingredients: 4 fatty duck legs [or goose] 2 red onions 5-6 cloves of garlic 2 tsp shredded marjoram 1 tsp thyme a little ground black pepper 150 ml dry, white wine salt Steamed cabbage:… [Read More]

Lecsó à la française

One of my favorite, flavorful, and healthy summer dishes is what some Hungarians call ‘French Lecsós’, or better known as Ratatouille. The Disney movie which came out in 2007 was even titled ‘L’ecsó’ in Hungarian theaters rather than its original. While traditional Hungarian Lecsó is a fantastic blend of flavors, a ragout of onion, peppers,… [Read More]

Pear Cake

Craving a sweet treat? Enjoy the full flavors of autumn in a light, warm, delicious slice of pear cake. Our healthy recipe is simple and quick, and can be easily adjusted to your personal taste. Enjoy! Ingredients 10 dkg butter (100g) 1 small cup brown sugar 1 egg 2 dl sour cream (200g) 25 dkg… [Read More]

Orange and walnut salad

With spring upon us, fresh produce is becoming more readily available, and certainly more desirable. While this meal can be prepared just as easily as any other salad, its pleasant color scheme, unique combinations of sweet and savory flavors, and contrasting textures make this a unique sensory treat. It is simple but sophisticated; healthy and… [Read More]

Creamy chicken enchiladas

For a long time I really missed finding even passable Mexican food here; until four or five years ago it was like living in the desert. Ok, there were a few oases such as Arriba and Iguana but mostly Mexican food was as common as a good hamburger or proper Chinese food. Luckily we’ve come… [Read More]

Un’bear’ably delicious

One of the first real signs of spring can be found in the markets. It is not the random bear walking by as they emerge from winter’s hibernation (are there even bears in Hungary?), but instead bunches of ‘bear garlic’ — medvehagyma — which now sit in the grocer’s herb collection. At first I didn’t… [Read More]

Cream of mushroom soup with Barley

Getting through winter can be hard. If you have never read any of our pieces regarding Vitamin D and its effects on mood, not having enough could be a concern for you. There is far too little time spent outside in the sunshine, what little sun there is, and of course because of the cold… [Read More]

Comfort food – lasagna

As winter sets in and it is gray and cold outside, you may start craving those foods that give you a warm feeling inside. On the coldest, darkest days of winter there is nothing like a good helping of lasagna to make me feel better. To be completely honest, my mom makes a fantastic lasagna,… [Read More]