In the happy zone

Flourishing with Paul Pahil In the first of a two-part article, we speak with Paul Pahil, founder of September’s “Budapest’s Happiness Week”. His professional mission is based on his belief that all people have the right to experience the richness and benefits of optimal living. This month we’ll discuss positive psychology and “flourishing”. Why did… [Read More]

If you are late one more time…

Spring fatigue is a well-known phenomenon, afflicting many, with one of the main symptoms being a lack of energy. This lack of energy makes it more difficult for some to get out of bed in the morning, leading to arriving late to work or making other appointments on time. There is also another type of… [Read More]

New Year’s resolutions with the eyes of a psychologist

To resolve or not to resolve? That is the question… Work less – work more, go on the wagon – tipple a bit more, spend more time with family/friends – spend more time alone… There are many things we promise ourselves before the end of the year and making New Year’s resolutions is a popular… [Read More]

Adrienn Kroó – a carer of the soul

To start off the new year, our first newsletter will introduce you to one of our newest staff members, psychologist Adrienn Kroó . First off Ms Kroó how did you arrive in the field of psychology? I have always enjoyed dealing with people. I am especially interested in behavior, the causes of, and the motives… [Read More]