The benefits of receiving a second opinion

For many people, not hearing what they expected to hear during a doctor’s appointment can be a source of great frustration and stress. While some serious illnesses and conditions require almost immediate treatment, it’s always good to be able to turn to another medical professional and get a second opinion. Although most people trust the… [Read More]

Dr. Andrea Luczay – the hormone doctor

Dr. Luczay was recently awarded ‘Favourite Doctor of the Year 2013” by, which is a popular doctor finding website. We tried to find out what makes her so popular among people. Dr. Andrea Luczay: I like to make my patients feel satisfied after a visit, but not at the expense of breaking the rules… [Read More]

Dr. Zoltán Detre: President of HTS

  FirstMed is proud to announce that one of our orthopedic traumatologist specialists, Dr. Zoltán Detre has officially become the president of the prestigious Hungarian Society of Traumatology (Magyar Traumatológus Társaság). After serving as the President Elect for two years, he now presides over the 1000-member society. Dr. Detre, who is also the head of… [Read More]

Dr. Gabriella Bene

Radiating integrity, kindness, and empathy, Dr. Bene is quick to smile and laughs often, surely a sign that it’s not only the smallest patients who instinctively trust her ability to brighten their day. She has a comforting air about her that naturally puts both parents and children at ease. Born in Budapest, and raised around… [Read More]