Danger on the Skin: Moles

Most moles tend to develop during the first twenty years of our lives, but it is not uncommon for them to appear later on. These small clusters of colored skin cells may appear dark brown or black and can either be flat along the surface of the skin or slightly elevated. Because moles can appear… [Read More]

Helping you care for your skin – Dr. László Varjú

It’s a pleasant surprise when Dr. Varjú greets you with a quick smile, an easygoing demeanor, and before you’re through the door, he immediately enquires about your health. Suddenly, there is no point in being embarrassed about pointing out your blemishes, what might be irritating, unsightly, or really worrying; what might be a case for… [Read More]

Be aware of your Skin

Itchy rash, oozing sores, scaly skin? These are just a few of the many symptoms of the more than 3,000 kinds of skin disorders. Some are temporary, easily treated, others can persist for a lifetime and cause chronic symptoms, disability, and emotional distress. Some skin conditions – such as melanoma – can even be deadly.… [Read More]

Mole removal

The winter cold may have provided you with opportunity to hide unwanted blemishes on your body, but with spring just around the corner wouldn’t you like to get rid of them before the weather warms up? How long will you continue to feel self-conscious about that ugly mole? Or worse, are you ever concerned that… [Read More]