FirstMed has been treating patients in Budapest for over 14 years. During this time it has had over 150,000 patient visits. Clients include individuals, families, companies, embassies and non-profit organizations, from the smallest child to visiting dignitaries and movie stars. When patients first step through the doors into FirstMed’s modern facility and are greeted by pleasant receptionists they feel the difference.

  • Female doctorOver 20 Specialties and Sub-specialties
    FirstMed physicians cover a wide range of medical specialties. For those specialties not covered on-site the clinic has an extensive network of providers throughout Hungary.
  • Bilingual / Multilingual staff
    All clinic Hungarian staff speak English as a second language with many of them being able to communicate in other languages as well, such as German, Romanian, French, Danish, and Russian.
  • Modern Facility
    Located in the Hattyúház, Firstmed’s patient facility occupies the fifth floor of this unique building. The modern 1,000 sqm facility uses state-of-the-art equipment on both the medical and administrative side to make patient visits as smooth and professional as possible.
  • Customer Service
    Clinic staff are not only highly qualified and multilingual, but also focused on providing a level of quality customer service that is often lacking in local medical practices. To maintain and constantly improve customer service, training and other educational opportunities are provided to all medical and administrative staff on a regular basis.