Primary Care Plan

The Primary Care plan provides basic medical coverage for up to three occasions per year.

1 – The three visits can include:

  • A consultation with a family practitioner/GP, internist, gynecologist or pediatrician
  • Routine diagnostics – if medically indicated – including on-site x-ray, ultrasound and mammography, laboratory tests
  • Annual well-child check
  • Annual gynecological check

2 – Exclusions and additional charges

  • After hours outpatient visits require an additional charge of HUF 10,000 per visit.
  • All medical services not mentioned above are not included in the price of the plan. The exclusions include but are not limited to the below listed services:
    • Preventative care
    • Specialist consultations
    • Hospital care
    • Cardiac Stress Test/Holter Exam/ENG/EMG, CT scan/MRI diagnostics
    • Ambulance transportation and home visits
    • Dental care
    • Medications, vaccinations and medical supplies (e.g. bandages, crutches, casts and splint application, etc.)
    • Laser treatments and bone density screening
    • Physical therapy, therapeutic massage
    • Prenatal care
    • Infertility and assisted fertilization treatments
    • Conditions arising from drug abuse, alcoholism or sexually transmitted diseases treatment

Should you require any of these services, please inquire about the prices prior to the treatment, as some of them may involve significant costs.

3 – Price

HUF 95,000

4 – Contact

Tina Palfalvi
[email protected] or

[email protected]

Valid from January 1, 2019 until further notice.

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