Prenatal Plan


FirstMed’s prenatal care is more than just health care. It is an important part of a healthy pregnancy and includes a careful selection of visits, physical examinations, laboratory tests and ultrasounds.

FirstMed’s Prenatal plan not only includes regular doctors’ visits, but also consultations of each of the following:

  • Prenatal exercise
  • Dental check
  • Vision exam with our ophtalmologist
  • Internist visit with EKG
  • First pediatric visit with Otoacoustic Emission test
  • Postpartum gynecological visit (six weeks after delivery)

Should you require more visits or tests during your pregnancy, those will not be charged separately, but form part of this plan. The list below is only an indication of what you may expect along the nine months.

Stage / weeks Examinations Fee (HUF)
Initial Visit Initial obstetric (OB) evaluation, history and physical exam 47,100
Transvaginal ultrasound (US) scan 45,200
8-12 Follow-up OB visit 47,100
Internist exam with EKG 64,300
Prenatal ophthalmologist visit 57,400
Prenatal dental check 5,500
Pregnancy Panel (PAP smear, vaginal culture, chlamydia, ABO/Rh antibody screen, CBC – complete blood count, iron studies, liver function test, thyroid function tests, cholesterol, HIV, HBsAg, VDRL – Syphilis, TORCH) 118,200
12 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis, Weight 6,400
Combined test (lab test+Genetic US) 83,400+62,700
16 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis 6,400
Weight 0
18 Genetic US scan 65,200
20 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis 6,400
Weight 0
24 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis 6,400
Weight 0
US scan 65,200
Labs (Glucose Tolerance Test, CBC) 26,200
25 4D ultrasound 65,200
28 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis 6,400
Weight 0
30-32 Follow-up OB examination (2) 94,200
Urinalysis (2) 12,800
Weight (2) 0
34 Follow-up OB examination 47,100
Urinalysis 6,400
Weight 0
Focused US scan (follow-up) 65,200

36 – 41



37 – 40

Follow-up OB examination (6) 282,600
Urinalysis (6) 38,400
Weight (6) 0
NST examination (non-stress test) (6) 181,800
Flowmetry US (as needed between 37th and 39th week) 56,600
37 Lab work (Alk Ptase, Bilirubin total, SGOT/AST, SGPT/ALT, potassium, sodium, total protein, glucose fast, CBC, PT/INR, vaginal culture (StrepB), ABO, Rh, antibody screen) 118,200
After delivery Pediatric visit 47,100
                 – with newborn Otoacoustic Emission test 17,000
Week 6 OB visit 47,100
Total cost if paid individually 2,034,700
Prenatal Plan price 529,000

You can ask for Prenatest, which will also make the potential subsequent amniocentesis unnecessary. THE PRENATEST isn’t part of the Pregnancy package. Please, ask the reception about the exact price.


HUF 529,000


Tina Palfalvi : [email protected]
[email protected]

Valid from January 1st, 2017 until further notice.

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