Prenatal Exercise

Keeping fit and active during your pregnancy will help you adapt to your changing weight and shape. It can also help you to cope better during labor and get back into shape after the birth. If you’ve had a hard or stressful day at work, exercise may be the best way to relax and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. If you exercise regularly before your pregnancy, keep it up for as long as you feel comfortable.

For whom: For ladies in all stages of pregnancy, especially the third trimester

Where: FirstMed

When: Every Tuesday at 9.30am. Please check the calendar for the current schedule of this and other FirstMed activities.


  • HUF 3,200/occasion or
  • HUF 14,800/person/book of 5 occasions

FREE OF CHARGE for those who receive their prenatal care at FirstMed.

…gives you more energy,
…strengthens your cardiovascular system so you do not tire as easily
…reduces discomfort during pregnancy
…helps stay active and avoid boredom
…helps you sleep better
…reduces stress, lifts your spirit

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