1 – FirstMed’s annual Premium Plan includes the following on-site medical services for planholder during the year.

  • Up to 20 Primary Care consultations3 / follow-ups with: family practitioners / GPs, internal medicine specialists, and gynecologists. Additional visits will be billed at HUF 9,500 per visit.
  • Up to eight (8) total in-house specialist3 / follow-up consultations, when medically indicated, from the following: (Additional visits will be billed at HUF 16,000.)
    • Allergy Specialist
    • Cardiologist
    • Dermatologist
    • Ophthalmologist (outside of vision exam)
    • Radiologist
    • Urologist
    • Orthopedist/Traumatologist
    • Otolaryngologist (ENT)
    • Endocrinologist
    • Neurologist
  • On-site Diagnostics – when medically indicated – including x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, in-house laboratory tests*.
  • One occasion per plan year of each of the services:
    • Flu shot
    • Dental check-up (Fürstner Dentistry)
    • Physical Therapy treatment
    • Vision exam
    • Psychiatrist or Psychologist consultation
    • Nutritionist consultation
  • One session only from the following outpatient surgeries: mole and wart removal, schlerotherapy, lipoma, abscess, furunculus, folliculitis, and hemorrhoid – thrombectomy, anoscopy (simple procedures)
  • Permits and licenses: work and residence permit medical exams, driving license medical examination
  • One occasion of each of these preventative exams during the plan’s year: Annual women’s health exam (including Pap smear, vaginal culture, physical breast exam, mammography), comprehensive health maintenance exam, and sport physical exam
  • Travel consultation
  • 50% off Furstner Dentistry annual membership (normally 60,000 HUF) Must be purchased directly with them.

*All in-house laboratory tests, as well as listed outside tests, are covered under the price of the plan. A detailed list of all tests covered by the plan may be found here or requested from the planholder coordinator. All other laboratory tests not specifically covered by the plan are excluded and will be paid by the planholder.

2 – Exclusions and additional charges

Any medical services not specifically mentioned above will not be covered by the plan. The exclusions are not limited to the list below:

  • Hospital care and outside consultations are not covered under the Premium Plan
  • Specialized diagnostics such as: ENG/EMG/EEG/CT scan/MRI.
  • Ambulance transportation and home visits
  • Dental care
  • Infertility and assisted fertilization treatments
  • Medications, vaccinations, disposable medical supplies (i.e. bandages, casts and splint application etc.)
  • Renting of medical supplies (i.e. crutches, CPAP, nebulizer, etc.)
  • Laser treatments and bone density screening
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Immunotherapy
  • Prenatal care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of conditions arising from drug abuse, alcoholism, or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sleep study
  • Routine medical maintenance or treatment of chronic conditions, e.g. frequent injections, or diagnostics, may be accepted on a case-by-case basis but otherwise are excluded.
  • Outside laboratory tests not specifically cover by the plan
  • After-hours visits require an additional charge of HUF 10,000 per visit

3 – Please note!

  • A consultation is equal to a focused exam time slot (30min -Primary Care / 20min – Specialist). Examinations requiring longer than this period would be counted as two visits.
  • When purchasing the ‘Plan’ you will be required to provide a credit card authorization that serves as a payment guarantee for FirstMed. The information given on the form will be kept strictly confidential.
  • The services provided or arranged by FirstMed which are not included in the scope of the Premium Plan may involve significant additional costs. Please inquire about the prices prior to the treatment.
  • For consultations: follow-up visits and No-shows will count towards the plans totals.
  • FirstMed is not responsible for arranging outside appointments when the planholder is paying at the point of service. FirstMed can provide contact information for outside consultants or facilities when requested.


4 – Annual Plan Prices for Adults (16+ years)

Full price (HUF / person) 205,000
Loyalty Price (3rd, 4th renewal) / person 190,000
Loyalty Price (5th – 9th renewal) / person 175,000
Loyalty Price (10th + renewal) / person 160,000
Group Price 2-4 people / person 178,000
Group Price 5-9 people / person 153,000








Discounted price conditions

  • Group and loyalty discounts may not to be combined. Child Premium Plans do not count towards the group total for group pricing.
  • The loyalty price first comes into effect during the 4th year of continuously having a plan. All loyalty prices are calculated with one (1 ) starting year  + (x) additional renewals. E.g. the top loyalty price is given at the start of the 11th year, and beyond, of having a plan.
  • Plans must be renewed within 30 days of previous plan’s expiration to maintain loyalty discount. Plans renewed beyond 30 days, without the prior agreement of the FirstMed plan coordinator, will be considered to be ‘new’ plans for the sake of the loyalty discount.
  • When a plan grows from one person to two (or more) retrospective discounts will not be applied, i.e. the first members premium will not be refunded to indicate the group price. The group price will only be applied to additional members as they are added in and for as long as the ‘group’ exists.
  • In the case of ‘split starting date’ group pricing, at renewal, if the additional planholder fails to renew within 7 days of their contract expiration, the first planholder shall pay the difference between the individual price and group price before the next use of the plan.

5 – Contact

Tina Pálfalvi
[email protected]

 Valid from January 1st 2019, until further notice.

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