Occupational Health

How does it work?

All employees in Hungary have occupational health coverage. Under the Occupational Health Act, employers are required to arrange, at their own expense, professional-level occupational health services for their employees in order to prevent work-related health risks. The idea of providing basic occupational health services deserves special attention. FirstMed makes a great business partner by offering the tools to integrate quality and cost-effective services that will help reduce absenteeism. Improved conditions of work will lead to a healthier work force; boost productivity while creating a still healthier, more productive workplace.

The goal of occupational healthcare is to sustain and promote the health and working ability of employees by proposing appropriate prevention and control measures for the elimination of hazardous exposures.

Employers can purchase occupational health services for their employees from a municipal health center or other organization offering occupational health services such as a private medical centre. Employers can also operate an occupational health unit by themselves or in cooperation with other employers.

Before the launch of occupational health activity at a particular workplace, occupational health professionals will first acquire general information about the industry in which the company operates. They will then look more closely at the workplace itself by making fact-finding visits and learning what physical and psychological risk factors exist in the workplace. Employees’ health status and working ability are evaluated and monitored in medical examinations performed before employment and periodically thereafter as appropriate. The examinations will focus on different criteria depending on job demands, workplace circumstances and individual employees’ health characteristics. The Occupational Health Act establishes four categories which are A, B, C, D. Employers are required to report the appropriate category by filling the request form provided by the occupational healthcare provider. Adequate control measures and guidelines for preventive actions are of paramount importance to prevent unnecessary exposure during normal operating conditions.

Our mission is to provide superior quality, cost-effective occupational health services to enhance employees’ health. A variety of optional services are available from basic pre-employment screenings to executive health assessments so you can choose the services that best meet your company’s needs.

We’ve designed our services to make the best use of your time. Our professionals are well prepared and prompt, which means the employees not only receive quality services, they spend less time in the waiting room.

Give your employees the care they deserve, and give yourself the peace of mind that results in knowing that all your company’s occupational health needs are being met by a respected local healthcare provider, FirstMed.

Occupational Health Services

Statutory Requirements:

  • Physical Assessments (pre-assignment; periodic; annual; at termination or after ending of service)
  • Commercial Driver’s Licence
  • Referral for further treatment or rehabilitation
  • Examination of occupational factors as a possible cause of disease
  • Diagnosis of occupational illness
  • Flu immunization / work related vaccination
  • Guidance for the use of personal protective equipment at work
  • Hygiene monitoring* – recommendation for healthier working conditions

Additional Services:

  • Executive physicals/manager screening
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Regular medical services at FirstMed or in the healthcare unit operated on the employer’s premises
  • Prescriptive pharmaceuticals
  • Occupational ergonomics
  • Annual health plans
  • Specialist care
  • Work permit
  • Driving licence, medical renewal
  • hearing exam, vision exam)
  • EKG
  • Diabetes screening
  • Chest x-ray
  • Introducing and training First Aid practioners
  • Maintaining and periodically inspecting first aid readiness and facilities

Travel medicine:

  • Information about international vaccination requirements
  • Suggestion for non-prescriptive medication for travel
  • Travel precautions for existing conditions
  • Counseling regarding prevetative self-care behaviour

* General hygiene surveillance is carried out periodically at the workplace in order to reduce potential hazard and provide guidance about personal hygiene and health risks present such as injury, exposure to chemicals and how to prevent them.

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