Moms Matter

“Mothers matter”
Pre- and postnatal support group for women

  • Are you expecting and feeling excited and nervous and curious all at once?
  • Are you a new mom feeling overwhelmed about the changes in your life?
  • Are you feeling drained and needing time to recharge after long bouts of infant crying and sleepless night that never seem to end?
  • Are you far from family support and finding it hard to cope living in a foreign country with a new baby?
  • Are you open to learning some new tools to help you effectively manage your  new challenges and meet others who are in similar shoes as you?

Pregnancy, the process of childbirth, and new motherhood all require major physical and psychological adjustments for women. This can be especially challenging when living away from home, in a foreign country, without a strong network that you can rely on. This ‘Mom’s matter’ group aims to offer approaches and tools for the understanding and management of these processes, which are relevant to the mental health of both mothers and their children.

This 6-session group aims to support mothers, mothers-to-be, their babies and the whole family. It is also a forum where women struggling with the life issues can come together to connect, share, and support each other in a safe and caring environment.

Each session will focus on a different pre- and/or postnatal issue that are most common among new mothers. In the sessions we will explore these topics by:

  • Learning about psychological approaches, recent findings and “best practices”
  • Engaging in group discussion on personal experiences
  • Acquiring and practicing some techniques to tackle the challenges

The group sessions last 90 minutes each. The group will be restricted to a limited amount of participants to keep it intimate and allow everyone space and time to exchange and interact. All discussions in the group are confidential.

Who is this group for?

Mothers-to-be, new moms with infants, and women in general. Babies welcome till age one, please organize for child care in case of older children.

Themes of the sessions:

  1. Hello and who are you? Getting to know and understanding your baby. Bonding with your baby. Issues around nursing and feeding.
  2. Anxiety, „baby blues” and coping. Caring for the baby and dealing with early challenges and stressful situations (e.g. excessive crying, sleep disturbances). 
  3. Am I a good enough mother? Providing a loving and nourishing environment while setting boundaries, the importance of self-care. Attachment styles and parenting. Various cultural models of parenting.
  4. Who I am now? Becoming a mother and the challenges of developing a new life structure and identity. Finding a balance between various roles and activities.
  5. From two to three, becoming a family. Early challenges and coping. Caring for the partner relationship during early months.
  6. My support system. How to create and manage a help network. Being an “expat mother”. Communication, conflict management and creative problem-solving.

Class Details

Dates and time: Mondays 10.00-11.30 am

Oct. 29, Nov. 5, Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Nov. 26, Dec. 3

Package deal for all six sessions: 42.000 HUF

Registration closes: October 25 (midnight)  Your place is secured by transferring the participation fee. Due to the limited places available, please register in time.

The group is led by FirstMed Psychologist Adrienn Kroó

Introduction: I have worked with women, mothers, and children of all ages and from various cultural and social backgrounds for the past 10 years. I have sat with women and their babies from Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria as a psychologist. Currently I provide parent-child consultations for the families of students in the German School of Budapest as well as adults and children from around the world through my work at FirstMed. Having lived abroad for a number of years, I have gained a unique perspective from my experiences and am able to apply my work as a clinical psychologist to openly discuss issues they may be experiencing living in Budapest. And lastly, but not least, I am also a mother of a ’most of the time’ delightful two and half-year old girl. I look forward to supporting moms and moms-to-be in a group format as part of our new program: ‘Moms Matter at Firstmed.”

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