LaboratóriumMany people consider the laboratory to be a scary place with unfamiliar, complicated devices and mysterious processes. Though some may enter FirstMed’s laboratory timidly, by the time they emerge, they are smiling, relieved, and even grateful for the comforting environment of our lab. Our diagnostic staff makes it their purpose to find solutions to all sorts of medical questions and problems, always doing their best with unusual and special requests. For our patient’s convenience and ease of mind the “Qualicont” external controlling system contract ensures that our in-house machines provide reliable and accurate results while the billing system is compatible with most insurance companies’ requirements.

A wide variety of diagnostic services are available in our onsite laboratory including but not limited to biochemistry, endocrine tests, hematology, immunology, microbiology. Most of these tests are performed in the clinic using rapid reagent techniques which give reliable results within minutes. This enables our doctors to provide patients with the best evidence-based medical care. Through an extensive partner network, FirstMed can arrange virtually any kind of extra diagnostic procedures necessary for patients.  For those tests performed outside the clinic, we strive to ensure the most rapid turnaround time possible.

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