Katalin Alexáné Topál

Breastfeeding Consultant


Language teacher by profession, Katalin gained her BA diploma at Eötvös Lóránd University specialised in English and Russian languages. She then went on teaching English at a Budapest university for 20 years. After giving birth to her daughters she began to feel that her calling was elsewhere.

She began working as a doula, then after a child-birth, faced with the problems of breastfeeding, she realised that this was her way, she had found the profession she always wanted: to help mothers and babies.

She completed her studies at Semelweis University, and received her diploma as Lactation Consultant. She gained experience at Vaszary Kolos Hospital, Esztergom, and Peterfy Sandor Street Hospital, Budapest, and has been working in the latter ever since as a voluntary lactation consultant.


Hattyúház: Thursday