A Health Coach is a collaborative partner that supports and works alongside your doctor, dietitian or other healthcare professional to help give you the best chance at living a long and healthy life.

A Health Coach understands that receiving a medical diagnosis or health warning from your doctor can sometimes be frightening or overwhelming. It can leave you feeling confused and unsure about what changes you need to make in your life and how you can start to turn things around to support your healing journey. As part of your treatment plan your doctor may advise you to make changes in your lifestyle, your diet or your weight. More often than not, this can be one of the most difficult parts to understand and implement when it comes to the healing process.

Kate MegeeThis is where a Health Coach comes in. Armed with the recommendations from your doctor or other healthcare professional, a Health Coach works one on one with you to help make sense of the changes you need to make in order to aid the treatment offered by your doctor. Your Health Coach will work with you to create a tailor made plan that will help you easily implement new habits that support your health and healing. This may include some of the following:

  • Adding in healthy and nourishing new foods
  • Creating new eating patterns
  • Learning how to form a healthy lifestyle
  • Beginning or modifying exercise behaviors or programs
  • Developing stress management techniques
  • Addressing other areas of your life to bring about a healthy balance that will help you on the road to recovery

A Health Coach works closely with you to create an action plan that focuses on small, manageable changes. A typical session with your Health Coach is 60 minutes. This gives you the time to discuss your concerns, fears, and anxieties and they are there to support you through the healing process providing you with up to date health information, recipes, safe recommendations and guidance.

A Health Coach is not just for those who are unwell. Working with a Health Coach is greatly beneficial for anyone looking to make healthy changes in their lives and those who want to take their health into their own hands.

Kate Megee is a Certified Health Coach with a degree in Medical Imaging and is a competitive athlete with years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Kate studied 100’s of different dietary theories to help you make the healthiest choices for your body and to teach you about the healing power of whole foods. Her philosophy is ‘Eat. Move. Heal. Thrive’.

Kate motivates, inspires and supports her clients every step of the way while keeping them accountable to their goals and progress. She firmly believes in learning how to create a healthy life and teaches her clients how to live an 80/20 lifestyle so that they develop healthy new habits that last, while still getting the most out of life.

Kate offers 2 coaching programs; a 3-month ‘Kick-Starter’ program and a 6-month ‘Total Transformation Program’. Patients of FirstMed receive 15% off both programs.

For more information about what the coaching programs entail visit www.katemegee.com/thrive

Both programs come with a complimentary first session to discuss your needs, desires and questions with Kate and to help you understand if Health Coaching is right for you.

Email Kate at kate@katemegee.com to connect with her and schedule your free first session today.


-Note, Kate Megee is an non-affiliated, preferred partner who offers her services at a discounted rate to Firstmed patients. All contacts and arrangements are done directly with Ms. Megee and not FirstMed.