Vacation 2016

FirstMedve on vacation contest rules

  • The first three entries will receive a free bear (FirstMedve). Premium plan holders who request one will be able to get one without cost.
  • Past the first 3, FirstMedve will be provided for a charitable contribution of HUF 1,000 to the United Way donated at FirstMed’s Hattyuhaz reception desk.
  • You will need to take FirstMedve with you and your family / friends on your summer trip and take at least two photos of yourself with FirstMedve or the bear on his own.
  • Photos should be posted on our Facebook page or emailed to Melinda at who will place them on the page. Please use the hash tag # FirstMedveHoliday when posting
  • Each FirstMedve companion may submit a up to three ‘holiday’ photos for entry into the contest with the most creative or most liked photo to be eligible for a prize.
  • All photos submitted for the contest will be the property of FirstMed and those appearing in the photos agree to their subsequent publication and use.
  • Prizes will be awarded based on a juries decision for the best and most creative photos. Photos receiving the greatest number of likes and shares will be given extra consideration.
  • The deadline for photo entries for the contest will be the first Friday following St. Istvan’s Day (Aug. 20)
  • Prizes will be announced during the first week of September.
  • For each eligible contestant who’s photos entered into the contest, FirstMed will donate HUF 2,000 to the United Way.
  • FirstMed reserves the right to suspend this contest at any time.
  • FirstMed employees and their family are able to participate in the contest but will not be eligible to win any prizes other than the appreciation and admiration of their colleagues.