Emergency Services

At FirstMed physicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your medical needs.

oldphoneWhat to do…

  • Call the clinic number: +36 1 224 9090 at any time
  • You will be connected to an on-call doctor
  • The doctor may give advice by phone
  • Or, may arrange to see you in the clinic
  • Or, may arrange for you to be visited at home
  • Or, may recommend immediate hospitalization

If the doctor decides that an ambulance is required, we will arrange it through our network of various local ambulance providers and hospitals. If you need to stay in the hospital, we will follow your progress, share it with your doctor in FirstMed, communicate with you and the medical staff regularly and be available to sort out any problems.

Please note! Call ahead first!

Why is this necessary?

  • We cannot guarantee that a doctor will always be in the clinic.
  • In many cases, speaking with the doctor first will save you an unnecessary trip to our clinic.
  • In more urgent cases, you may be requested to go directly to the hospital and not to the clinic.

We encourage you to visit the clinic and/or send us your local contact details as soon as you arrive in town.

Knowing how to find us and having your local information in our system BEFORE a situation occurs will help you and our staff handle your emergency efficiently during a time of stress.

After-hours, on-call medical servicesPLEASE CALL AHEAD!

After-hours, on-call medical services

During non-clinic hours, FirstMed has limited medical staff 'on-call' for your emergency needs.

Please call ahead of time to request a call back from the doctor before coming directly to the clinic. 

All walk-ins will need to wait for the doctor to arrive at the clinic.

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