Dr. Mária Farkas

Mária Farkas

Professional post-nominal:


Profession / speciality:


Clinical area of expertise:

Clinical Child Psychology

Medical school:

Eötvös Loránd University – Diploma in Psychology
Haynal Imre University – Diploma in Clinical Child Psychology
Semmelweis University – Diploma in Cognitive and Behavior Therapy

Professional experience:

Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Brain Damage Unit of the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation
“Biztos Kezdet” (Secure Beginning) project of the European Union – head psychologist
József Attila University of Szeged – lecturer
John Wesley College – lecturer
ELTE – lecturer

She has attended various workshops and training courses in England, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, Jugoslavia, and Italy, covering different topics like Infant-Parent Psychotherapy, Neuropsychology, Play Therapy, and more.

Other workplaces:

Clinical Psychology Department of Semmelweis University – lecturer

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