• Hattyúház


    Direct Insurance Billing
    FirstMed currently has over 60 direct billing agreements with international insurance companies, removing the burden of filing claims and waiting for reimbursement. Please click here to see if FirstMed has an agreement with your insurance company.

  • Two Locations
    Just steps from a major transportation hub, Széll Kálmán tér, on the Buda side of the Danube, FirstMed’s main location (see picture) is easily accessible by metro, tram, bus, car, or taxi. FirstMed’s Hűvösvölgyi location also provides a convenient access to medical care to the residents of district 2A, Solymár and Nagykovácsi. For maps please click here.
  • Free Parking
    During your visit please take advantage of free on-site parking in the Hattyúház garage. For directions on how best to access FirstMed’s garage please click here.
  • Scheduled Appointments
    By scheduling your appointment beforehand you can count on being seen by a FirstMed primary care provider in a quick and timely fashion.
  • Diagnostics and Services
    In addition to offering over 20 types of specialist services, along with general and family practice services, FirstMed is also equipped with its own modern laboratory, x-ray facility, and mammography and ultrasound equipment. For a complete list of diagnostic services available please follow this link.
  • Extensive Partnerships
    With 14+ years and over 150,000 patient visits, FirstMed has built an extensive network of hospitals, specialists, and diagnostic centers. Through this network, FirstMed can coordinate many medical cases offsite if needed.