Ágnes Sziliné Hangay

Ágnes Sziliné Hangay

Professional post-nominal:



Chief physical therapist

Clinical area of expertise:

Musculo-sceletal disorders
She has completed additional trainings in Maitland, Terrier, PNF, McKenzie methods and in the orthopaedic manual therapy. She is familiar with the use of Kinesiotape and the treatment of women’s incontinence.

Medical school:

College of Health Care of Budapest, Postgraduate Medical University
Semmelweis University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Other workplaces:

Orthopaedic and Traumatologic Department of Uzsoki Hospital, 1986-1990
Sport Surgery Department and Rehabilitation Department of National Sport Health Care Institute, 1990-1999
Rehabilitation Department of Jahn Ferenc Dél Pesti Hospital, 1999-2002;
Physiotherapy Department of College of Health Care of Semmelweis University, 2002-2010;
Rehabilitation Department of Bajcsy Zsilinszky Hospital, 2010-2012


Gardi Zsuzsa award of Hungarian Physiotherapist’s Association, 2009

Professional organizations:

Hungarian Physiotherapist’s Association
Hungarian Society for Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine
Association of Hungarian Manual Physiotherapists

Languages in addition to Hungarian:


Started working for FirstMed:

September 2010

If you need an appointment please send an email to: physiotherapy@firstmedcenters.com

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