Important information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations

Dear Patients,

Every day, we receive questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination availability. The government controls the distribution of the vaccine. It has not asked private clinics to participate.

We do not know if this situation will change.
You can directly register with the government for the vaccine.

The registration site is:


Information on receiving an “Immunity Card”

Information line:
+ 36 80 277 455
+36 80 277 456
From abroad: +36 1 550 1825
E-mail address:
Booking an appointment online:


60/2021 on the certification of protection against coronavirus. (II. 12.) You are entitled to an “immunity certificate” if you qualify as one or more of the following:


  1. You have been vaccinated
  2. You had a confirmed Coronavirus infection with at least 1 positive Coronavirus molecular biological test or rapid antigen test, which has been recorded to EESZT (Electronic Health Services), or
  3. You suspected having Coronavirus and subsequently have taken an antibody test confirming your previous infection.


Issuance and delivery of an “Immunity Certificate”

If you have been vaccinated or diagnosed with a Coronavirus infection and it has been certified (registered in EESZT), you do not need to apply for an “immunity certificate”; the state will mail the card ex officio. o   The issuance of the “immunity certificate” is free of charge in these instances (Case 1. and/or 2.)

If you have a positive antibody test, additional administration is required. The service fee for this administration is HUF 3,000, which the applicant must pay by bank transfer (BFKH account).    


Requesting an “immunity certificate” with a positive antibody test:

If the antibody test confirms that the person was previously infected, an “immunity certificate” can be applied for:o   electronically on the website, or in person at any government office (Kormányablak). §  Book an appointment online:


For administrative purposes, it is necessary to present:

  •  a positive result of a laboratory test, performed by a health care provider operating in Hungary, confirming the presence of the Coronavirus protective agent in the body of the person concerned
  • the evaluation of the above-mentioned laboratory test, and
  •  proof of payment of the administrative service fee, this is controlled by government window administrators


Validity of an “Immunity Certificate”:

Case 1.  –  The vaccination card does not have a validity period
Case 2.  –  If the person has been confirmed to have been infected with coronavirus, the “immunity certificate” is valid for 6 months
Case 3.  –  If an antibody test confirms that the person has previously been infected, the validity of the “immunity certificate” is 4 months from the date of the test showing the presence of antibodies