Important information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations

Dear Patients,

Every day, we receive questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination availability. 

The government controls the distribution of the vaccine. It has not asked private clinics to participate.

We do not know if this situation will change.
You can directly register with the government for the vaccine.

The registration site is: 

If you do not have a TAJ number, put 000 000 000 (9 zeros) in its place. There is no information on whether or not people without a TAJ number will get the vaccine or not.

However, we advise you to register anyway, as only those who register will receive the vaccine. After you register, someone from the government may contact you about the vaccine. This may take a long time.

We do not know if people who are registered with local doctors have an advantage or not.

Patients with TAJ number can check if their registration went through on the following link: