Chicken with Plums and Figs

Bring some color into the final month of winter. Spice up your February with our exciting recipe that combines sweet dried fruits with the savory flavor of chicken and sophisticated aroma of dry white wine. Complete your meal with the side of your choice– we recommend steamed rice with peas or scalloped potatoes!

Newsletter - Feb14- ChickenIngredients:

  • 4 medium sized chicken breasts ~ 1 kg
  • 6-8 small figs  (if using dry please see rehydration tips below*)
  • 12-16 dried plums
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 1 tbsp olive or sunflower oil
  • salt
  • ground white pepper
  • ground ginger
  • ground cloves (szegfüszeg)


Pound the chicken breast to ¼ inch thick; salt and pepper to taste.
Rough chop and mix rehydrated figs and plums. Place the fruit onto the chicken, then roll and secure with toothpicks or a skewer. In a frying pan, heat oil to just below smoking and sear the rolls on all sides. Wipe pan of excess oil with paper towel and make sure chicken in seamside down before adding a small amount of water, the remainder of the fruit, as well as the wine; the liquid should come partially up the side of your chicken rolls. Cover and poach the meat on a low flame until tender. (Optional) Add a pinch of ground ginger and cloves to the poaching liquid.

Serve with steamed rice and peas, or scalloped potatoes, or with a side of your liking.

*To rehydrate figs:

  • Soak dried figs in water or fruit juice overnight.
  • A more thorough method of rehydrating figs: simmer them in water or fruit juice for several minutes.

When using either method, add just enough liquid to cover the layer of figs.

Did you know?

Plums contribute to skin health, help with the absorption of iron, and of course contribute to regularity.  They are excellent thirst-quenchers due to their 85% water content. They support immune system health, stimulate the nervous system, and protect against cardiovascular disease. Figs are a great source of calcium and potassium, and help lower blood cholesterol thanks to a soluble fiber called pectin. One fig contains one fifth of our dietary fiber requirement, along with 1.2 mg of iron and 50 mg of potassium, yet only about 60 calories.

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