Influenza vs. the Common Cold

Both illnesses are caused by viruses and are not usually treated with antibiotics. Symptoms are similar, including runny nose, sore throat, fever, chills and muscle aches. Flu season usually starts around the end of November and peaks by late January or early February for northern climates. FLU PREVENTION Get a yearly flu shot by mid-December.… [Read More]

Pediatrician or Urgent Care?

Pediatrician or Urgent Care? Even with minor illnesses or injuries, it can be very frightening to experience that your child is unwell, and it is often difficult to decide whether it is sufficient to call your pediatrician or if it is necessary to take your child into urgent care. In cases of common ailments, such… [Read More]

Are you tired of always feeling tired?

Nobody enjoys feeling exhausted. It makes it more difficult to focus on the details of an uninspiring work project, to respond calmly to the wailing of a child, or to take the time and energy to prepare a meal instead of grabbing unhealthy fast food. Feeling tired causes irritability towards people around us, decreases our motivation… [Read More]

Back to School

The transition period from the summer break back to school time can be quite a struggle for kids, youngsters in particular. The relatively unregulated, free, playtime feeling of summer clashes with the more rigorous, structured environment of school. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make this changing period a bit easier on your… [Read More]

Travel Pharmacy Pack

“What should I take?” is a common question we ask ourselves while planning a trip abroad. The contents of the travel health kit depend on which country we’re traveling to and the state of our health. To preserve our health it is important to pack remedies that will help us handle minor medical issues, simple… [Read More]

Orange and walnut salad

With spring upon us, fresh produce is becoming more readily available, and certainly more desirable. While this meal can be prepared just as easily as any other salad, its pleasant color scheme, unique combinations of sweet and savory flavors, and contrasting textures make this a unique sensory treat. It is simple but sophisticated; healthy and… [Read More]

Summer Dangers

There are numerous festivals, markets, water resorts, and other outdoor programs available for those willing to leave the comfort of an air conditioned room as a way of surviving the summer heat. Keep in mind the heat is not so bad once you get used to it and all the all those cool activities are… [Read More]

Allergy season is here

Springtime brings relief from cold weather, but it can wreak havoc on those with allergies. Though the colorful blossoms of trees are happy indicators of the coming summer months to some, for others they mark the onset of the increasing discomfort from seasonal allergies. We have put together a very basic list of suggestions that… [Read More]

Diseases spread by ticks

Ticks are small spider-like creatures that feed by inserting their mouths into the skin of a host and slowly taking in blood. During the feeding process they can transmit infections through their saliva, which also has a numbing effect and so the bite can go unnoticed.

Tired of lacking Vitamin D?