Keen on quinoa

Quinoa’s time is here By no stretch would I ever be called a healthy eater: I love the four Bs (burgers, butter, bread, and bacon). At the same time, I am the main chef for the family, with two small kids, so I try to make sure that we have a balanced meal with a… [Read More]

Dumping those diapers

While there is no set age when toilet training should begin, the right time will depend on your child’s physical and psychological development. Most parents want to start “potty training” from an early age, but children under the age of 12 months have no control over their bodily function. A little control begins about six… [Read More]

Life is a gut reaction

More than 2,000 years ago Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated: “All disease begins in the gut”. If you’ve been watching mainstream health news anytime in the recent past, the public is finally catching up with this wisdom. There is an extensive library of scientific studies which demonstrates that gut health is critical to overall… [Read More]

Metabolism can’t wait!

To have a well-functioning diet, it is crucial that your metabolism works at a good pace. If we truly want to help our body, we should do everything we can to make that possible. A good metabolism is not only important for our diet but if our digestion is working efficiently it will enable the… [Read More]

Don’t fall into autumn

Eddie Cochran found fame with the rockabilly classic “Summertime Blues” but there is something about the last week of August that really gets to me. Days are getting shorter, nights a bit cooler, the next vacation is far off on the horizon, kids are back to school (ok, this is not really a minus), traffic… [Read More]


Gazpacho is a summertime staple in my home. When I can get the tastiest, sun-ripened tomatoes for next to nothing at the local market, there is no better way of serving them than whipping up a batch of zesty gazpacho soup. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, red onion, garlic and some other bibs and bobs are all… [Read More]

Avoid summer’s stomach storms

From Dr. Mariann Hegyi, FirstMed Internist Summer’s here! It’s the time for vacations, road-trips, outdoor programs and hopefully less office work. Summertime makes you smile but it also can bring thunderstorms. These storms can be both outside in the nature or inside of you. For now let’s leave aside the complex issues of emotional storms,… [Read More]

Hot sun a real threat

In summer, when the temps soar, you need to be aware of the signs of possible heatstroke if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. This type of heat-related illness happens when the body’s core temperature rises past the normal internal operating range (about 36ºC to 37ºC taken orally). One of the earliest warning… [Read More]

A Balkan treat: ćevapčići

I don’t think I am going too far out on a limb by saying that our neighbors to the south, Serbs and Bosnian- Herzegovinians, are some of the best grillers of meat I have come across in Europe. Walk down the streets of Belgrade or Sarajevo and you will easily pick up the scent of… [Read More]

The Impact of Running on the Spine

Life is busy and often we don’t have time for exercise. Although jogging became popular in the US in the 1970s, it is probably in the past 10 years that it has taken root in Budapest, with more people incorporating it into a daily activity. With more and more races in the city and the… [Read More]