Active8 Special offers 2017-2018


Special prices just for Active8 readers 


During the 2017-18 school year Active8 readers may enjoy these special prices and offers from FirstMed.

  • Premium Plan – 15% off for all first-time planholders: FirstMed’s Premium plan is your year-round medical plan allowing you to consult our medical staff when you need them. Seeing an English-speaking primary care, family doctor, or specialist couldn’t be easier. Our doctors take the time to examine your medical issues, listen to your concerns, and speak to you in a professional manner. Click for details
  • Seasonal influenza vaccination – Just HUF 5,000 Protect yourself, protect those around you! The flu is more serious than the common cold, so do everything you can to prevent it. A flu shot is your best defense. The flu virus changes often, and the protection from the vaccine only lasts for about a year. That’s why you should get a flu shot every year, the earlier the better. Click for details
  • Annual Health Maintenance Exam –  50% off our regularly priced exam. All adults should visit their health care provider from time to time, even if they are feeling healthy. Having an annual health maintenance exam is an excellent opportunity to take charge of your health. Regular health care checks may help find problems early or prevent health problems before they occur. Click for details
  • Annual Well-Child Check